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John Connelly

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John Connelly

John Connelly is the front man, guitarist and principal composer of Nuclear Assault, a thrash metal band from New York. His voice is known for being aggressive but with high notes

Connelly was a former roadie for Anthrax, and was a close friend of Anthrax bassist Danny Lilker. He jammed with the band a few times but never actually joined as he was not a qualified enough singer at the time.

He formed the band Nuclear Assault in 1983, and Danny Lilker joined him soon after.


  • had a solo project titled John Connelly Theory around 1991.
  • in the middle 1990's, John lived in Connecticut and managed a GNC at their Crystal Mall Location. (Waterford CT)
  • fronted Nuclear Theory in mid 1990's. (combined names from Nuclear Assault and John Connelly Theory)
  • had a 3 piecs band in CT called Rite Bastards
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